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Posted on September 01, 2018 by Veronica
Topic: Models

September Model of the Month SEDUCTIVE GODDESS

Model of the Month interview from SEDUCTIVE GODDESS:

Q: What's one thing you wish IncredibleCams members knew about you?
I keep a very natural look to myself! No tattoos, body alterations or piercings. No, I am not against any of that, I belive that self expression is amazing. But when you enter my room you'll see the same natural woman "next door look" I’ve always had.
Q: What things do you most enjoy doing on camera?
It's been such a journey over the years....I enjoy being on cam, a lot has changed, even my own personal preferences and tastes have changed over time too but what I can say it is that I have a vivid imagination and I am not scared to use it...
Q: What's your biggest guilty pleasure?
McDonald's breakfasts
Q: What superpower would you like to have?
Power of invisibillity LOL
Q: What's your favorite motto?
I have two:
  • Seduction is Power.
  • Respect everyone, even your enemies and competition.
Q: What are your biggest turn-ons?
When I wake up and you’re already making coffee, a massage after a long stressful day, when you smell incredible
Q: What are your biggest turns-offs?
Self, me, me people (DEFINITELLY there is a world outside of your own!). I can't stand ignorance!! Bad manners, or people that don't think - especially before they speak. People who think they know it all (You can never know everything even if you know a lot about something).
Q: What are your favourite items of clothing to wear on/off cam?
It totally depends on my mood and of course the occasion! I like variety otherwise I get bored very easily, uniforms are always fun to wear on cam because gives me the chance to dress up in clothes I don't get to wear often! I love clothes from smart and sophisticated through to designer wear, jeans, leather, corsets and fetishwear especially tight PVC. Nice heels are a must also as are nice sexy lingerie sets!

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Posted on September 01, 2018 by Veronica
Topic: Models

Our Favorites for September

This month we’re introducing you to our favorite new performers, models who give good selfie, and cam girls who reach out to members long after the show has ended. Click an image to visit the model's FanClub.
New Models


Stunning Selfies


Models who Love to Email


Posted on August 22, 2018 by iFriends

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Help your favorite models reach Top 10!

YOU PLAY FAVORITES. It's OK. You have one (or twelve) special models that you can't wait to see. And when they're offline, you nudge them just to see them sooner.

But did you know you can help your Favorite(s) reach the Top 10?

Why should you help? Top models receive great perks, including:
  • Bonus cash
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Help your favorite model hit Top 10 with the following:
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  • Nominate them — Express yourself by choosing from 30+ "best of" award categories!
To favorite a model, simply click the model's heart icon from any page. If the model's heart looks like this: they are already on your Favorites list!

You can visit your Favorites from Live Now Alerts at the top of most pages or from My Dashboard > Favorite Models.

Posted on August 15, 2018 by Veronica

Twitter Selfie Contest Winners

Our iFriends #IFSelfie Twitter Contest is over and the winners are...
Our last Twitter selfie contest was so much fun! If you missed it, you can relive it by heading over to Twitter right now. It was hard, but our staff identified the winners based on retweets, originality, creativity, and sexiness. Do you agree? Give us your thoughts in the comment section, and remember to visit our winners in live chat to congratulate them!


Honorable Mentions

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